Risk Assessment And Risk Management

Risk Assessment And Risk Management

Risks can impact an organization in the short, medium and long term. The analysis of risk situations that may affect the lives of people and property (goods and information) belonging to the enterprise or entity subject to protection. These risks are related to clients’ daily operations, tactics and strategy, respectively, we provide solutions to ensure your strategic and operational goals.

ISS offers fully integrated range of Risk Assessment services which range from risk identification and assessment, management of risk and mitigation. We will provide our clients with comprehensive tailored solutions, through a consistent, global approach.

  • Strategic advise

  • Governance reviews

  • Operational risk review

The planning, organization and control of the necessary actions for the implementation and realization of preventive services and leading security protection to prevent protect and reduce risk with means manifestation and accurate measurements.

ISS also provides a range of Risk Management tools and services that help organizations improve their ability to identify and prioritize risks in order to understand how risk is generated in different areas of the organization and its processes. Finally we work to integrate risk management with the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of objectives

Development and design of security and safety projects :
  • Security Master plan.

  • Emergency Plan.

  • Fire Prevention plan

  • Supervision, Endorsement and Certification of security systems.

  • Design, development and implementation of Protection Plans.

  • Industrial and occupational safety certified auditing

  • Execution of elaborate security audits.

  • Ensure compliance with applicable security regulations

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