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ALICE Training Programs & Services increase your children’s and employees’ odds of survival during a violent intruder event. ALICE Training goes beyond lockdown methods by providing individuals with a new set of skills that will greatly increase their odds of survival during an active shooter situation. RAIDER Training provides first-on-scene responders with the tactical skills for successful solo engagement of an aggressive intruder. Our Active Shooter Security Assessments and Crisis Communication Planning programs ensure your organization’s response preparedness during and after an active shooter event.

ALICE Training Program

ALICE Training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to ensure their survival and minimize the loss of life in the event of an aggressive intruder or Active Shooter. 

RAIDER Training Program

The RAIDER (Rapid Deployment, Awareness, Intervention, Decisiveness, EMS, Recovery) Solo-Engagement Tactics program is exclusively available to police and licensed armed security personnel.

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