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Responsive Video Analytics

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Efficient surveillance and monitoring of security systems have been proven to require artificial intelligence analysis of video feeds and integration with sensors to provide operators with tools to improve their procedures and response times.


From receiving Real-time alerts to fast searches of recorded video, responsive video analytics help to improve the quality of service of a security team. Statistics gathered from the analysis metadata provide insightful reports for human resources and marketing departments.

Software developers specialize in solutions for Facial Recognition, identifying vehicles, objects as well as persons features and behaviors. Learn more about some of our partners for video analytics and big data.   


Comprehensive Video Analysis Solutions for Real-Time Event Detection, Video Search and Business Intelligence applications.


IntelexVision brings iSentry, designed to analyse CCTV cameras in real-time and give that information to controllers immediately in the form of video that is enriched with multiple data points. It is there to inform a reaction as things happen.


Leading provider of the Video Synopsis technology for rapid video review and search, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights.


KiwiSecurity is leading developer of video analytics and video control solutions, transforming video surveillance into a pro-active tool. Provides security analytics, privacy protection and business intelligence.


Leader in facial recognition, Herta developed security software, that specializes in identifying crowds in real time via IP cameras.

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