Voice and Data Encrytption

Cellcrypt is the next generation of secure communications for Android and iPhone. A user-friendly and intuitive application that provides secure communication and peace of mind. Cellcrypt allows you to make and receive, secure voice calls send and receive encrypted text messages and attachments between any Cellcrypt enabled devices.

Cellcrypt removes the complexity of encrypted communication, and provides easy to use technology. Featuring instant messaging features and enterprise business functionality – all with dual wrap encryption – will be the choice for anyone requiring easy-to-use, secure communication.

Cellcrypt is using a unique double-layer AES 256 & RC4 384 end-to-end crypto scheme, with new session keys for each call and message, that affords all individuals and corporations extremely strong encrypted communication.

Encrypted Calls
Talk Securely, Anytime, Anywhere
Talk to your colleagues, business partners, family and friends securely with end-to-end encryption – ensuring no one can hack into or eavesdrop on your calls. With HD audio, your calls are crystal clear, so while no outsider can hear what you’re saying, participants in the call can hear each other perfectly. Calls are available across the globe (even in remote locations with low-bandwidth).

Encrypted Messages
Text Easily and Securely
Send messages and collaborate, whether about trade secrets, intellectual property, financial data or any other confidential information, securely across your organization. With a familiar, easy-to-use interface, share information without concern that your messages will be intercepted by competitors, hackers or governments.

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