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Integrated Security Solutions offers assistance to it´s client and partners with cutting edge innovative solutions, which meet a broad spectrum of desired outcomes in complex environments across the known world.

The    systems    and    services    we    provide    include    but    are    not    limited    to Access    Control,  Automatic    License    Plate    Recognition    (ALPR),  City Wide Security platforms, GPS tracking products, On-Premise and Cloud Based IP Surveillance, Perimeter Protection Systems, Port and Border Security, Voice Encryption, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAV).

 After    a    career    spanning    30    years    in    the    fields    of    Security,    Safety,    Policing,    Counter-Intelligence    and    Security    Technologies,    Mr.    Powell    transformed    his    Network,    Knowledge    and    Experience    into    ISS.    Training    in    over    69    countries    across    the    world,    along    with    travel    to    over    96    countries,    he    was    able    to    establish    networks    of    companies,    security    and    safety    professionals,    technical    and    operational    specialists    and    technology    experts    that    now    form    a    Powerful    Arsenal    of    Allies    capable    of    fulfilling    the    demands    of    any    solution.    After    serving    in    the    international    community    at    many    levels    of    operational    and    command    responsibilities    he    retired    as    a    Senior    Adviser    and    Chief    Security    Officer    for    the    United    Nations.    Now    at    the    Helm    of    ISS    you    can    expect    the    same    level    of    Security    and    Service    that    has    been    delivered    at    a    World    Wide    standard    for    the    past    30    years.        

Our Countries of Operation

ISS Headquaters


  • Cyprus                                

  • Lebanon


  • Somalia

  • Kenya

  • South Africa


  • Sri Lanka

  • Malaysia

Countries of Operation


  • USA


  • Trinidad and Tobago

  • Jamaica 

  • Haiti 


  • El Salvador

  • Guatemala

Light and Shadow

Leo Powell 
President and founder

 Leo Powell founded ISS in 2010 and is the company’s President and founder. Leo’s educational background spans many professional disciplines and his working experience has taken him to over 96 countries over the past 30 years.


His initial career started out in the Law Enforcement sector where he established a firm grasp of the “Rule of Law” and more so the intricate relationship between the Security and Justice sectors. He then joined the United Nations in the early 90's and broadened his educational end professional experience in the fields of Counter Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Counter Narcotics, Threat and Risk Assessment and High-Level Investigations to just name a few of the functions he carried out around the world. In doing so he saved the roles of Protection Specialist, Trainer, Security Coordinator, Chief of Security, Advisor at many levels and Senior Advisor in the Middle East and Latin America.

At the early age of 46, he peaked in his international profession, resigned early in his career and founded ISS, which was initially a Consultancy and has since grown into a Technological Giant in the Security and Safety industry providing advice and solutions to Governments, Industries, Large and Small Business and Residential Clients globally. ISS is now part of a Group of Companies “Powell Enterprises” that is engaged in large scale Public Safety and Traffic Management projects, Signage, Fabrication, Construction, Security and Safety Technologies and Food and Beverage Sectors.

Meet The Team

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-28 at 12.07_edited.jpg

Leo Powell

President & Founder


Nalini Vieira



Marilyn Powell

Director of Administration


Beatriz Lluhí

Director of Operations

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 10_edited.jpg

Estuardo Alvarado

Project Manager LATAM


Flora Gómez

Regional Manager


MP B&W Photo_edited.jpg

Marcus Pollard

Regional Manager


Michael Richardson_edited_edited_edited.

Michael Richardson

Cloud Services Manager LATCAR

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