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ISS Govco Suite provides a menu of solutions and services required for national and local governments to be effective in their roles of law enforcement & public safety. Working with ISS will provide your administration with solutions of any scale and for any sector or situation.


We provide consultation and conduct Investigations, from which we make recommendations and create designs to be implemented. Coupled with our world-class installation, training, commissioning and support, ISS delivers complete solutions with sustainable results.


Access Control & Video Surveillance

Automated Actions & Decision Support System

Dashboards & Dynamic Mapping

License Plate Recognition

Traffic Management

Reports & Statistics


Responsive Video

Forensic search

Real Time Alarms & Event Detection

Facial & License Plate Recognition

Quantitative Video Insights

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Specialized Solutions

Airports and Maritime Ports

Traffic Management

Public Safety Operations

Evidence Management

Prision Solutions

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Mobile Solutions

Low and Mid Altitud UAVs (Drones)

Anti Drone technology 

Body worn cameras

Vehicle Onboard cameras

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Tracking assets and vehicles

Remote Visualization and Control

Alarm Notifications

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Secure Communications

Strong encryption

Highly Interoperable

Over multiple networks

Data Conservative

Crystal Clear Voice

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Perimeter and Intrusion Detection 

Intrusion Panels and Sensors

Fence Detection Systems

Buried Cable Detection 

Microwave & Infrarred Sensors

Pressure Sensors

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National & Border Defense Solutions

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National Security Consulting


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