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Perimeter and Intrusion Detection

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Preventing unauthorized access goes beyond access control. Protecting perimeters and receiving instant notification when a trespasser breaches or attempts to ingress to restricted areas, whether or not fences or walls are present, can prevent high losses for organizations and reduce risks for employees and visitors. 

Different technologies are available to adapt to each borderline on the most efficient way. 

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Protect people and property with simple to use control panels, keypads and detectors for every project scale. 


D-Fence is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) that applies a latest pressure sensing technology developed in Israel. Sensors are made from stainless steel / aluminium alloy, with an electronic processor that converts pressure data into digital signal.


Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of integrated, high-security, outdoor electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems

Echodyne designs and manufactures high-performance radars for a growing range of applications and markets. Our patented MESA® technology delivers all of the performance advantages of electronically scanned arrays but with much lower size, weight, power, and cost.
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