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Learn more about us and how new technologies have the power to  transform your organization. 

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Social Distance in Office

Organizations around the world are rethinking the way they operate and how their services are provided. Security technology is leaning to  Safety and Health Management.

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Access Control Cloud solutions, when to subscribe?

If looking to simplify maintenance and operations, you may want to consider to have a specialized team doing the hard work for you as part of your cloud subscription. 

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Keep your security team safer

Axis released a Body worn cameras solution, which enable  your security teams to easily capture, storage and review.



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Guest entry solutions that help large public venues provide both superior guest experiences and significantly enhanced guest security at the first point of entry

Integrated Security Solutions LLC uses Genetec Citigraf™

License Plate Recognition (LPR) - using the AutoVu SharpX Camera by Genetec

Integrated Security Solutions LLC | Physical Security Solutions by D FENCE

What is Aeryon Labs?

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