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Mobile Solutions

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Having context overview of remote locations, agents in the field or vehicles in movement are priority for governments law enforcement and emergency teams, as well as transportation systems, critical infrastructure facilities and many organizations in the private sector.

Mobile solutions such as  drones, body-worn cameras, onboard vehicle cameras including mobile License Plate Recognition when connected and integrated with monitoring and Control Centers provide critical insight and support for detecting, deterring and responding to incidents.

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Police Cars
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Axis Communications offers high quality video surveillance products for Mobile Solutions, that integrate with Video Management Systems.
Onboard cameras can provide useful context video for law enforcement vehicles, public transportation systems, school buses and private companies. These are only some of the use cases of this solution. 
Body worn cameras can provide first-hand evidence of situations.
Genetec Mobile  - Collaboration Gallery
Security Center Mobile App allows streaming Real-time from smartphones directly to the Monitoring Center to monitor and record, while sharing the location of the agent in the field.
Genetec AutoVu solutions offer LPR onboard cameras. Sharp cameras are specialized for LPR recognition at high-speed and can be installed on vehicle fleets in order to help law enforcement find stolen vehicles, as well as simplify parking  enforcement and ticketing. 
Aeryon by Flir is trusted by Military, Public Safety and Energy customers around the world for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and support services that deliver life and resource saving, actionable aerial intelligence. Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Aeryon’s industrial-grade, field-proven sUAS solutions set the standard for real-time, secure aerial intelligence across a wide range of applications, from executing tactical missions to investigating traffic incidents to inspecting critical infrastructure.
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Body Worn Cameras
Body Worn Cameras allows to gather evidence for procedure compliance and quality of service. Flexibility allows stand alone solutions or integration capabilities with Different Video Management Softwares. 
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