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Point of Sale

Integration of video surveillance with POS machines for Cashier Operations Supervision and Retail Analytics.

Retail Analytics

Use your surveillance cameras to get demographics, Heat maps and Queue Management.

Security Video Analytics

Perform real-time analytics and receive alarms for Positive Detections such as Tailgating, Loitering, Crowding, Stopped vehicle and more. Perform searches according to subject or vehicle description and direction.

Facial Recognition

Receive alerts identifying frequent or VIP customers and deliver a preferential service.

Identify suspects from a Flagged List in real-time to prevent incidents.

Use facial recognition as access control for employees.

Find missing or wanted persons in a short time.

Building Managment Supervision

Generate and monitor events from building sensors to automate the maintenance of the facilities; reducing response times and required resources. 

Parking Solutions

Improve Parking services by using the appropiate technology for your organization and reduce investments by integrating it to your security system.

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