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Bosch offers an innovative and complete portfolio of products and solutions for safety, security and well being. Bosch's Building Integration System combines different management functions on one platform. 

Video Systems

Complete recording & monitoring solutions with Video Management Software and purpose built surveillance cameras with integrated analytics for every environment.

Intrusion Alarm Systems 

Protect people and property with simple to use control panels, keypads and detectors for every project scale. 

Access Control

Scalable management platform that supports proprietary hardware as well as third party products. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Automatic fire alarms and detectors for fire prevention, warning and building evacuation.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

High quality and reliable solutions for delivering necessary and critical information as needed.

Conference systems

As industry leaders and pioneers for digital conference solutions Bosch continues to provide world-class solutions that range from simple systems for SME's to fully integrated solutions that facilitate multi media communication and interpretation for Multi-national corporations.

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