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KoolSpan provides secure communications solutions enabling businesses and consumers to make phone calls and send text messages securely. KoolSpan’s solutions are powerful and simple – we believe that rather than requiring users to adapt to our technology – requiring the purchase of expensive hardware or learning to use complicated solutions – we needed to develop a seamless application that would work on users’ existing mobile phones. KoolSpan provides a solution that is easy to install, manage and use on leading smartphones, including Android and iPhone. With KoolSpan, making a secure phone call or sending a secure message is as simple as making a regular phone call or sending an unsecured message.

Encrypted Calls


Talk Securely, Anytime, Anywhere

Talk to your colleagues, business partners, family and friends securely with end-to-end encryption – ensuring no one can hack into or eavesdrop on your calls. With HD audio, your calls are crystal clear, so while no outsider can hear what you’re saying, participants in the call can hear each other perfectly. Calls are available across the globe (even in remote locations with low-bandwidth).

Encrypted Messages

Text Easily and Securely

Send messages and collaborate, whether about trade secrets, intellectual property, financial data or any other confidential information, securely across your organization. With a familiar, easy-to-use interface, share information without concern that your messages will be intercepted by competitors, hackers or governments.

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