Cellcrypt Mobile™ is a downloadable application that runs on off-the-shelf cell phones such as Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone® and Nokia® smartphones and uses government-grade security for protecting sensitive voice calls against interception.Cellcrypt Mobile uses encryption algorithms that are recommended for military and government secure communications and its secret keys never leave the mobile device. The product has been tested by third parties and validated to several government standards including US NIST FIPS 140-2 (certificate #1310) for its cryptography

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Cellcrypt Conference Call

Open Cellcrypt APP

Open your contact List

Select the group and press call

It's that simple

Enjoy end-to-end Conference call encryption

Illustrations are based on Android OS, experience may vary on iOS, Windows Phone and Desktop.


Key Generation


  • Entropy collected continuously from hardware sources e.g. motion sensor, mic and OS sources e.g. /dev/urandom

  • Long term ECC keys generated & stored in application’s secure database

  • No manufactured/generated key material is needed prior to use of the system

Message Authentication


  • End-to-end standards-based key establishment with mutual authentication

    • NIST SP800-56A C(1,2) One-Pass Unified Model

    • Public key fingerprint displayed in message dialog and contact details for vocal confirmation​

Voice Call Authentication


  • Secure data exchange in two stages

  • End-to-end standards-based key establishment providing mutual authentication, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and unique keys per-session

    • NIST SP800-56A C(2,2) Full Unified Model with
      Bi-lateral Key Confirmation

    • Authentication using NIST approved ECC curve P-384

Symmetric Cryptography


  • Dual ciphers - RC4 with 384-bit key and AES-CTR with 256-bit key

    • FIPS SP 800-38 – AES in CTR mode and AES in GCM 


On Premise or in the Cloud
The Cellcrypt Secure Switch infrastructure can be installed and operated fully on-premise within your data center or can be hosted as a cloud-based solution for reduced infrastructure and running costs.

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