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Extend the Boundaries of Your Security System

The AutoVu ALPR system automatically identifies and tracks vehicles accessing your facilities. Unified with video surveillance and access control through Security Center, the AutoVu system expands the reach of your security platform to the edge of your facility, allowing you to secure and monitor areas previously left unprotected such as parking lots, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive security approach.

Maximize Resources and Cut Costs

AutoVu™ Managed Services enhances parking enforcement without installation and maintenance headaches or equipment costs by hosting the AutoVu™ ALPR system in the cloud.

Move to Virtual Permits

Implement AutoVu™ as part of a complete pay-by-plate system with other technologies such as pay stations, mobile payment applications, citation management systems and more.

Enforce Time Limits and Permits at Once

Whether you’re looking to enforce time-limited zones, manage permits or find scofflaw vehicles, everything is possible with the AutoVu™ ALPR system.

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