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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) that stop the intruders before they enter the property, don't pose any health hazards, can be implemented to any wall or fence design, and automatically adapt to environmental changes thus allowing for Zero False Alarms
How the Technology Works

D-Fence’s perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are based on the latest generation of Strain Gauge Sensors made from Stainless Steel, and an electronic processing unit that converts the analog signals that come from the sensors into digital signals. The processing unit analyzes these signals and acts as a local analysis and processing system on the field, communicates with the central computer at the control center and manages the multi-purpose dry contacts. Any intrusion attempt that generates a higher weight than the pre-established one on the sensors (usually 20 Kgs.), or any attempt to dismantle or neutralize any of the system components, will immediately generate an alarm in the control center and will activate all the external systems connected like CCTV cameras, VMD, lights, sirens, GSM mobile systems. etc.

Who is it for

D-Fence systems are used worldwide by professional installers and companies to protect various types of sites such as:

  • Airports and Ports

  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Government Sites

  • Industrial facilities

  • Nuclear plants

  • Military bases and compounds

  • Residential compounds

  • Private houses

D-Fence extensive line of systems and products along with its technological knowledge and experience allow them to be customized according to customers’ specification and requirements.

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