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Security beyond the door

Historically, access control systems were concerned with securing access through a door or to a facility and managing access rights. From vendors to installers and end users, the conversation on security ended there. The security landscape has evolved and new threats, specifically cybersecurity threats, have emerged. Your access control system should not only secure your doors, but it should itself be protected from cyber-attacks. 

Operator-centric security

The operator experience should always be top of mind. After all, if a system is too complex, it will lead to human error and confusion. Unfortunately, traditional ACS vendors are primarily focused on developing door control hardware, while the user experience is of secondary importance. Modern ACS solutions must commit to focusing on the operator’s perspective, empowering them through a unified and a dynamic approach to security and access rights management.

Outside the box thinking

For too long, security systems have served to strictly meet primary physical security needs like securing doors. Going beyond this conventional mindset, users should be able to do more with an ACS solution. Examples include securing server racks, medicine cabinets, and retail display cases. Taking it one step further, an ACS can complement time and attendance systems as a means of ensuring human resources compliance, as well as monitoring traffic-dense areas to enhance efficiency.

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